Giving back to the Community.

Sometimes when we work on jobs, when a garden is being cleared etc we get inundated with materials that we don’t necessarily have use for. BUT, here at TCW Landscaping, we hate waste. And it is common knowledge between our friends and family, that we can hoard materials away for ‘just in case’ as you never know when things might be needed!

Having said that, we can only store so much stuff at the yard and from time to time, we like to share what we have on offer – for free! To anyone who can make use of them.

Here are a couple of examples:

6ftx5ft piece of new Astro Turf FREE for anyone who wants it! Perfect for a children’s play shed
Builders bag full of timber off cuts FREE to who ever collects.
Approx 20m2 of paving slabs, free to anyone who can make use of them.
Had a bit of a sort out and got a tonne sack full of chopped up wood ready for the fire /chimenea , free to who ever wants it .

To keep up to date on any free stuff we might have on offer make sure you head over to our facebook page and give it a like: